Check out these Super Soccer Champ 2018 Clips

By Joe Robinson 27 Feb 2018 0

It’s been a bit of a slow news day today, but thanks to our friends around the web we’ve spotted some clips for the upcoming new title in the Super Soccer Champs series.


In 2012 Elton Bird, aka Uprising Games released Super Soccer Champs, which was available in both a free and a premium version (and on Android). The game was later updated to become Super Soccer Champs ’13, and then Super Soccer Champs ’14 before the developer moved on to create Super Tennis Champs instead.

Now Uprising Games are coming back to the Great Game with Super Soccer Champs 2018, which is due out later this year. You should check the developer’s twitter feed, as he keeps recording short segments of gameplay. The latest one shows the AI scoring a goal against him:

Here’s one of the game running on an actual mobile device:

You can follow @UprisingGames for more.



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