Codename Cygnus changes relationship status

By Owen Faraday 11 Sep 2013 0
"It's complicated" Unsociable.

We're a little behind the curve on this one (it was announced last week) but iOS interactive audio drama Codename Cygnus has retired the single biggest impediment to many picking it up: the mandatory Facebook log-in.

A lot of complaints arose (including here in the comments) around that particular "feature" when Cygnus came out a couple of weeks ago. "It was a really dumb thing to do," producer Jonathon Myers said in a mea culpa sent around the other day. "We really regret it, and we're very happy to listen to our fans and make this immediate change."

Now that's gone, you'd do well to pick it up -- it's one of the most unique games of the year and the free prologue will give you a solid notion as to whether or not it's your cup of tea.

The trailer's after the jump.

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