Colossal news: Tabletop card game 7 Wonders coming to iOS "in April or May"

By Owen Faraday 05 Feb 2014 3
The 8th Wonder is that enormous seagull. The 8th Wonder is that enormous seagull.

I spoke this week with tabletop publishers Repos Productions, who have been working on an iOS edition of the popular 7 Wonders for the last couple of years. Repos tell me that they're expecting to have 7 Wonders up in the App Store this spring -- specifically in April or May.

Card drafting game 7 Wonders was a big hit when it launched in 2010, shooting to the top tier of Board Game Geek's rankings and pulling down awards like an angry chimp in a trophy cabinet. Talk of an iOS version of the game started almost immediately.

Repos Productions might be handling the development themselves, but this isn't their first rodeo. They've already created a couple of well-recieved iOS apps: a digital version of the board game Ghost Stories and a companion app for the 7 Wonders tabletop game.

I've embedded The Dice Tower's review of 7 Wonders after the jump so you can get a feel for how the game's played.

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