Commandos 2 HD won't be coming to mobile till 2020

By Joe Robinson 21 Aug 2019 0

I feel a little bit guilty – I went all the way to Cologne and all I came back with this lousy Commandos 2 story. Truth be told there wasn't as much visibility on what mobile games were going to be at the show as I thought there'd be. Certainly, I didn't see much that I thought would fit into our core remit pass through, but it’s possible I may have missed something.

Commandos 2 HD coming to iPad though was something I was very keen to to bring back, and the news is both good and bad, as you can guess. Bad news – it's not looking like we're going to see the mobile versions until 2020.

This is based with conversations I had with the developers at the show – their aim is to have the PC, Console and Switch versions ready before the end of the year, but they haven't even begun testing or prototyping on mobile devices yet. We imagine that won't happen until the main versions are all-but-done.

The good news is that it's still shaping up quite nicely – none of the gameplay has been changed, barring any concessions that arise as a result of the upscaling/re-designing of the assets. The commando models, for example, have been completely redone in 3D. The static level art has had to be upscaled, and new explosion/particle effects are still to come. But it's still the same Commandos – the developer shared an anecdote about how, when he first played Commandos 2 as a teenager it took him an entire day to complete the second tutorial mission.

Commandos2 Pre Alpha Screens4

Granted, a big part of that is that the game doesn't have much of a tutorial (something that's definitely getting changed for the HD version), but the key point they were keen to get across is that the genre-defining tactical puzzle mechanics and difficulty won't be fiddled with.

How this will translate to mobile is the question that we'll have to wait and see. I can't imagine running the game will be much of an issue – it'll come down to how they design the UI and touch controls. I have a feeling a virtual joystick might come in handy, and they'll need to make sure they design an easy-to-use way to navigate the myriad of contextual actions present.

We'll keep you posted!



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