Company of Heroes will be storming iPad like its Normandy Later This Year

By Joe Robinson 15 Aug 2019 0

Company of Heroes will live on forever as the most iconic tactical RTS in the history of strategy games. Not only is it one of the best WW2 strategy games, it’s one of the best games period. Probably.

Smartly evolving the rather old-school base-building idea into one that perfectly fits with realities of the Normandy campaign, it also brought with it a very versatile tactical interface where the lives of your units mattered, and exploiting the terrain was key to victory.

It’s a series that has few rivals, and now it’s coming to iPad thanks to those mad folks over at Feral Interactive. Queue trailer:

These are the guys that’s brought over games like Tropico and Rome: Total War (along with both its expansions), so they should know a thing or two about porting over well-loved strategy franchises. Here’s what we know for certain:

  • It’s coming ‘This Fall’.
  • It will be a premium game with no IAPs.
  • It will be iPad only to start with.

This is par-the-course with how Feral have ported things in the past: iPad first, then iPhone and then if we’re lucky, an Android port will follow at some-point as well. The IAP thing is fine, but remember Company of Heroes did have two expansions, one of which added the British Army (which was always my favourite) so it’ll be interesting to see whether those are also in the works, and whether they’ll be released as stand-alones a la RTW’s Barbarian Invasion and Alexander add-ons.

Regardless, this is exciting news - only yesterday I was lamenting how the Nintendo Switch seemed to be stealing all of our decent strategy games, and now Feral swoop in to brighten our day. We’ll give you more info as we get it.



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