Crashlands developer goes ad-free as huge V1.3 update drops

By Joe Robinson 15 May 2018 6

You remember Crashlands, right? Our 2016 Best Action Game? A game so good, we almost accidentally reviewed it twice? It’s made by Butterscotch Shenanigans, a mobile developer who’ve also done titles such as Quadropus Rampage, Roid Rampage, Towelfight 2 and Flop Rocket (as well as the masterpiece that is Greater Calculator, don't forget).

What these games have in common, other than the fact that we don’t seem to have reviewed them, is that the business model for these titles was partly supported by ads (as well as IAPs). This combination helped fund the development of Crashlands, which was a premium title.

Butterscotch Shenanigans recently declared that they’re taking their games ad-free. There were a couple of reasons given, but the main one was that it interrupted gameplay; something they found increasingly unacceptable over time.

With Crashlands' success, the revelations around the routine mishandling of customer data by big data firms, and the incoming changes of the GDPR, we've decided it's the perfect time to take a step back and ask ourselves -

Is having ads in our games worth it?


Even with these four games bringing monthly ad revenue into the studio, we've decided that the benefit of removing ads outweighs the cost. From privacy concerns to sdk updates and the straight-up fury that being interrupted while gaming brings, we've decided to just rip all that 3rd party nonsense out and get these games closer to what we always wanted them to be.

Speaking of Crashlands, the addictive action game has just received a huge update. Version 1.3 ‘COMBOver’ completely overhauls combat with 36 new weapons and a brand new ‘combo’ system. There’s also two new modes. This isn’t all either: after the company bring the game to Switch, they’ll be doing another overhaul pass on the exploration and discovery.

Crashlands if available on iOS Universal and Android.



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