Creative Assembly has a Total War card game in the works

By Ian Boudreau 05 Aug 2019 0

Total War studio Creative Assembly has announced a new long-term deal with Chinese publisher NetEase, which will bring more of the developer's strategy games to China's massive player base. The deal will also cover a new collectible card game, Total War: Elysium.

Total War: Elysium will be initially exclusive to China, but according to a FAQ posted to the official Total War site, Creative Assembly hopes to bring it to worldwide audiences before too long. The studio said it will be relying on NetEase's extensive experience in CCGs, which are massively popular in China.

"Total War: Elysium is a new title and a new genre for us, and we want to give it the best possible chance for success," the studio says. "China gives us a huge audience of CCG fans to learn from so we can eventually bring the game to the rest of the world in better shape than ever."

When that will be remains to be seen, but in the meantime you can find more information about it at the official Total War: Elysium site. There's not much there at the moment, but the site will likely (hopefully) be updated with more details in the near future.



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