Creator of the Year 2013

By Owen Faraday 20 Dec 2013 0
Turning it over. Turning it over.

Our Creator of the Year for 2013 broke away from its peers in a big way this year.

When we sat down to look at 2012 in review last year, my biggest lament was that big publishers like 2K, EA, Activision and their ilk weren't using the massive resources at their disposal to take risks and create interesting things on mobile devices. At best they were being followers, cranking out low-effort freemium games that were aimed at an audience utterly unlike the hardcore gamers who purchased their console and PC games. At worst, they didn't have anything to do with iOS or Android at all.

A splendid little war. A splendid little war.

But this year that changed. Firaxis (a subsidiary studio of 2K) started to make iOS games worth talking about, beginning with two games in the brand-new Sid Meier's Ace Patrol series, and an admirably complete port of turn-based strategy sensation XCOM -- both of which earned Firaxis a lot of kudos around here.

Indie studios, by and large, are still making the majority of noteworthy mobile games, and given that the single more pervasive quality of large companies is their aversion to risk, that will almost certainly be the case. But if more major studios emulate Firaxis next year, I'll be happy to be wrong.

Runner-up: Simogo

Honourable Mention: Inkle, Rodeo Games, Playdek

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