Creator of the Year 2015 Runner Up: Slitherine Software

By Dave Neumann 30 Dec 2015 0
And this wasn't even the best game they released this year. And this wasn't even the best game they released this year.

Pocket Tactics is a member of the Wargamer Limited Group, which is owned by Slitherine Software.

When we were putting together our nominees and voting behind the scenes for these year-end awards, Slitherine's name came up several time and I thought nothing of it. Games like Vietnam '65 and Pike and Shot were excellent games and both were released and reviewed well before Pocket Tactics joined the Slitherine stable. When their name came up for Creator of the Year, however, I realized we might have a problem. After vigorous debates with the writers that I've come to know and trust, I realized that the bigger problem would be if we ignored the year that Slitherine had. It was a doozy.

Early in 2015 Slitherine released two wargames that set the standard for tablets: Vietnam '65 and Pike and Shot. Having two such releases under a developer's belt in a year would be enough to warrant a looksee when award season rolled around, but they weren't done. Over the summer they released the wildly popular (and oft voted for in our awards polls) Warhammer 40K: Armageddon. Sure, it was a reskin of Panzer Corps, but you can't go wrong by using one of the best wargames on iPad as your foundation.

They ended the year releasing Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy, a deep and engaging spaceship shoot 'em up, that also received votes for GotY, but its release in the midst of awards season pushed it into next year's crop.

That makes Slitherine responsible for four games that garnered votes for GotY in our behind-the-scenes polling. No other publisher came close. While I can see the spectre of bias hovering over this award, it was voted on by freelance writers with no ties to Slitherine other than several of them tend to like wargames, and Slitherine publishes some damn nice ones. To ignore Slitherine's year seemed a form of bias as well, putting me between a rock and a hard place. I think I made the right choice. That said, we're welcoming feedback on how to handle things like this as we move forward. As I said earlier this morning, we're listening and welcome any and all feedback.

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