Creator of the Year 2014 Runner-up: Czech Games Edition

By Owen Faraday 19 Dec 2014 0
Make something great out of all these random parts. Make something great out of all these random parts.

Making a good board game port is hard -- just ask the developers of Manhattan Project, Quarriors, or Mr. Ludo. It might seem as though translating a board game to digital saves you a lot of work. After all, the game design portion of the job is done, and in many cases you've got your art sorted as well.

But board gamers are a picky clique, and the increased expectations that come with developing a popular existing property might just wipe out the cost savings. When Czech Games Edition told us that they were developing Galaxy Trucker as a digital app in-house, with no institutional experience of video game development to aid them, we gave them our most sincere smile of encouragement and then started cracking jokes as soon as they were out of earshot.

First-time dev? Famously intricate game with tricky real-time elements? It was never gonna work. And then it did.

Galaxy Trucker earned a five-star review from us (one of only 14 we gave out all year) for being a surprisingly slick implementation of a popular tabletop game, but for going far beyond our expectations. The iOS version of Galaxy Trucker beautifully captured the frantic real-time chaos that comes from multiple players fighting over a pile of junk parts to assemble a (mostly) functioning spaceship, and it made those matches work in seamless online play. Players have a huge variety of online multiplayer game options from tabletop-emulating real-time to asynchronous turn-based matches.

And there's more still: a long single-player campaign that was genuinely funny and challenging. No digital board game yet had attempted to offer so much single-player content. CGE completely blew our expectations for a mobile board game away, and we're eagerly awaiting their next trick.
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