Creator of the Year 2013 Runner-up: Simogo

By Owen Faraday 20 Dec 2013 0
Come on for a ride.

If making highly polished casual games is the "safe" way to make money on the App Store, then Simogo rolled out of cover very ostentatiously this year, shooting off fireworks and replacing their helmet with a sombrero.

Simogo's goal for 2013, co-founder Simon Flesser told me back in October, was "to make something that would be something more than a toy." By that criterion Simogo have had a great year, releasing the eerie supernatural adventure Year Walk in January and following it up with game-satirising game Device 6 in the autumn. Both releases are less commercial and accessible than their earlier work, but it looks like a gambit that's paid off.

Simogo's 2013 adventures are smart games, but there isn't a drop of condescension in either. Year Walk feels like spending an evening in someone's family legend. It's a very clever game but it's intimate and personal, too. Device 6 is Year Walk's tonal opposite being a bit more aloof and a lot more witty, but even when it's questioning why you're wasting time playing a video game, it's doing it with an endearing wink.

We knew from their pre-2013 work that Simogo were capable creating of beautiful games, but this year we learned that they can make audacious ones, too. Just yesterday the Swedes visit the awards index page.
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