Creators of the Year 2014: Inkle

By Owen Faraday 19 Dec 2014 0
Finest hour. Finest hour.

The hottest developers in the hottest genre on the hottest platform in gaming.

Britain's interactive fiction mavens at Inkle aren't just responsible for the triumphant 80 Days, but they're also the gurus of the current IF revival that's producing so much extraordinary stuff.

I talk to a lot of devs, and the one thing that every interactive fiction dev tells me is how generous Jon Ingold and Joseph Humfrey are with their time and considerable expertise. My own conversations with Ingold match up squarely with this. He's hugely ambitious, make no mistake, but he seems to view creators of interactive fiction as members of one singular tribe. A win for one is a win for all.

To that end, look at Inklewriter. Based on the in-house software that forms the backbone of Inkle's own IF gems Sorcery! and 80 Days, Inklewriter is a tool that anyone can use to creator their own gamebook and IF stories -- developed and released entirely for free, an act of generosity that benefits everyone who loves games.

Inkle have arrived at just the right moment. The rise of the tablet provides the perfect arena for the stuff they make: holding an interactive fiction game in your hands like a real book is an experience that a PC or console couldn't possibly replicate, and thanks to Inkle there's going to be a lot more of those around next year.


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