The Trese Brothers are working on a game that isn’t Star Traders and I don’t know how I feel about this

By Joe Robinson 04 Feb 2020 5

Star Traders: Frontiers was one of my favourite games of 2019, and it turns out it was one of your favourites as well as it won our highly prestigious Pocket Tactics Game of the Year Award for 2019. It’s a wonderful sandbox open-world sci-fi RPG, and it’s made by two brothers known as ‘The Trese Brothers’.

What sets this dynamic duo apart from other smaller teams is their commitment to post-release support. It’s easier to see on the game’s Steam page, but essentially the brothers Trese are very good at making a game, laying out a road-map of post release content and patches, and sticking to it. Since STF released its received everything from new ships, to new quests and everything else in-between.

The only thing that would ruin this perfect scenario is if the brothers decided to move on and work on a new game. Which is exactly what they’ve gone and done:

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint is the Trese brothers new project and it's currently going through Kickstarter. It’s more Templar Battleforce then it is Star Traders, featuring squad-based turn-based tactical combat, base-building, and lots of character customization. It also looks like they’re stepping up their game by going fully 3D. Move over Phoenix Point, the REAL XCOM successor is coming to town…

… is what I would say if I was excited about this. But since it’s not Star Traders, I’m not. This looks rubbish. I mean, who could get excited by this (Literally everyone?-ED).

As with STF before it, the main focus of this campaign and the new game will be a Steam release. Following the Alpha period, Cyber Knights will have a stint in Steam Early Access. Only once it’s been released properly on PC will the team then focus on doing mobile ports to iOS and Android. They might also consider other console releases, but it will be on a case-by-case basis and will depend on the success of the other versions.

So there you go - a new Trese Brothers game that looks like Cyberpunk meets XCOM, but it’s not Star Traders so it doesn't matter. Hey, have I told you about Star Traders?

At the time of writing, the Kickstarter campaign was already fully funded, with 30 days left on the clock.



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