Touch Wood: Six Ages is a success so far, and a sequel seems likely

By Joe Robinson 03 Jul 2018 3

A Sharp's Six Ages has a lot a riding on its shoulders: It’s a premium game, and the landscape for premium has changed a lot in the years since its predecessor King of Dragon Pass launched onto iOS. It also has to follow on from that iconic game – fans have been wanting a KoDP sequel for forever, so expectations were probably high.

It’s not an easy scenario to launch a mobile game in, but Six Ages: Ride like the Wind launched to our own critical acclaim last Thursday. How has it fared over it’s opening weekend? What surprises have cropped up? We spoke to David Dunham to find out.

"Launching a game is a bit like opening a booster pack," he told us:

Did you luck into the Black Lotus of a hit? The duplicate cards of the typical game that fades into obscurity? Maybe the foil card of a success? The analogy breaks down a bit because if you’re releasing a premium game in a free-to-play world, you get only one pack, ever.

Based on current sales data, Six Ages has so far sold at 96% the rate of King of Dragon Pass when that released on the App store in 2011. It’s probably not going to top many charts (apart from in Finland, apparently, where it’s #1), but it’s enough for David to consider it a success. "If this holds up for a month,” he stated, "we will be able to start work on the next game in the Six Ages series: Lights Going Out."

David admitted to us that he was concerned over the fan reaction to Six Ages, given that it’s not a 'true' sequel to King of Dragon Pass and tried to break some new (if still familiar) ground.

I’m glad to report that players seem to like it just as much. App Store ratings are 4.9 stars and say things like “lives up to King of Dragon Pass in every way and more” and “a major improvement on King of Dragon Pass.” Hearing this makes the gamble of the last four years pay off and makes me and the team want to start working on the next game. 

In the meantime, you can expect a new update for the game sometime soon that will add new Adviser faces, fix bugs and introduce a new way to become infamous. Apparently, it involves behaving like a complete double-crossing weasel. Many thanks to David for taking the time to talk to us, and we wish him all the best!

Six Ages: Ride like the Wind is available now from the App Store.



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