Despite corny name, VEmpire looks pretty damn cool

By Dave Neumann 16 Mar 2016 6
Blah, my eyes are up here, blah. Blah, my eyes are up here, blah.

I love puns as much as the next guy. Actually, I probably love them more than the next guy. You got me, I love puns. That said, VEmpire? It sounds like a Game of Thrones/Twilight mashup that Syfy would fit between reruns of Sharknado and Lavalantula. Luckily, the game itself looks pretty great, so we'll give the title a pass.

VEmpire is the creation of one-man,  Wolfgang Lueger, and has been in the works for over two years. It looks incredibly polished to simply be something Wolfgang does in his spare time, in fact it looks a lot better than a lot of the stuff we see released on the App Store these days. VEmpire is a deckbuilder and looks a bit like Ascension in the gameplay videos. While the gameplay elements are a bit fuzzy at this point, we do know that the game mixes fantasy and historical elements, particularly the Habsburg Dynasty. In VEmpire, the Austrian monarchs are revived as vampires and do I really need to continue? There are Austrian vampires and they're bad. Or maybe just bad ass? That's right, I went there.

The goal is to build an empire with your cards, and to do that you will choose a "class" which determines what cards are for sale in your private market. You play groups of cards that are linked together historically (they give the example of Franz Joseph and Sisi) which expand your power and allow you to draw more cards. Don't worry, I don't get it either. We have time.

Unlike CCGs, this will be a premium title with a one-time payment that unlocks the entire game, including all the cards. No boosters, timers, or in-game currencies in sight. It will also offer solo play vs. an AI and online PvP between the iPad, PC, and Mac clients. The developer also makes note that you will not need an online connection to play games against the AI, only during PvP matches.

VEmpire is coming to iPad in 2016, but is currently still in the alpha phase. Soon, a build of the alpha will be playable in a browser, but they still have some work to do before we're locking Guntram the Rich in our basements while we go clubbing. Check out the gameplay trailer after the break.

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