Blizzcon 2019 Diablo: Immortal Update tells us more about the game, but not a release date

By Joe Robinson 02 Nov 2019 1

Hey, remember that time when Blizzard announced Diablo: Immortal and everyone got super mad? Man, those were fun times. Although, given that it’s been a whole year since the game was revealed and even playable, you’d have thought we’d have heard something else by now.

Turns out Blizzard was just waiting for this year’s BlizzCon, although the mobile Diablo spin-off was not given centre stage. Instead, a development update video and blog post was pushed out later in the day, almost under-the-radar. The video shows off a couple of new areas, new legendary items and ‘Ultimate’ moves, amongst other things:

The development blog post is more of the same, although it also provides some initial answers on things like micro-transactions and release windows. That is to say - there isn’t a release window, and they are aware of the existence of micro-transactions. To be honest, this bit is a classic ‘nothing’ answer which typically means they probably will be micro-transactions, they just haven’t decided how far they want to go and want to avoid pissing off fans in the mean-time.

Nick had some thoughts about what Diablo: Immortal needs to get right, and from our perspective nothing's changed, although we're not too worried about most of things on that list. The ARPG side of things already looks pretty fluid and satisfying, and everyone who's actually gone hands on says it's still fun to play, so it really comes down to the business model.

I think we're at the stage now where Blizzard need to get this game out into the wider world - given that's been playable at two successive BlizzCons means it's most of the way there, and if they dally much longer what interest exists is quickly going to disappear. Mobile gamers are drowning in games competing for their time, and just because your Blizzard doesn't mean you're automatically going to rise to the top of pile.

We'll keep you updated on more Diablo: Immortal news as we get it.



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