A New Challenger: Dire Wolf Digital is now making all of the (board) games

By Joe Robinson 21 Jan 2019 4

We don’t need to sell you guys on digital board games, but it’s been interesting watching how the market on mobile and PC has been growing. I’d say ‘expanding’ but while plenty more games have been releasing digital ports, most of them are now under the watchful eye of Asmodee Digital.

Sure, there are plenty of independent outfits running one or two projects, and a few ‘main’ rivals like DIGIDICED, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen a new serious challenger for the throne... until Dire Wolf Digital turned up.

They’re not newcomers, by any means – you may remember some of their debut works including 2016’s Lanterns: The Harvest Festival and 2017’s Lotus Digital. They’re also the masterminds behind the Eternal CCG, which has just recently entered our ‘Best Card Games’ Hall of Fame.

Last Friday they announced a startling number of new projects they’re working on. A few of these have us quite excited:

Mage Knights – as part of a “catalogue-wide digital partnership”, Direworlf are now working with WizKids on adaptations of the acclaimed RPG/Strategy game. The wording of the announcement suggests Direwolf will be handling more of WizKids catalogue, but I imagine we’ll hear more later.

Wings of Glory – one for the wargamers among you, Ares Games’ great war dogfighting skirmish game is proving to be one of the more popular table-top experiences of this type and now Direwolf are brining it to digital. Hopefully they’ll provide a credible alternative to the Slitherine’s Check Your 6! port, which sadly fell short of the mark.

Raiders of the North Sea – This is the one I’m personally the most interested in as I’ve played the physical game, Raiders of the North sea is a very colourful and engaging worker placement game where you and up to 4/5 players must hire a crew and go raiding the shores of distant lands (that look suspiciously like England). The entire North Sea series is excellent, but Raiders (the second of the three) is a good place to start. Looking forward to seeing more of this one.

Other games mentioned in the announcement include:

  • Yellow & Yangtze – a Reiner Knizia tile placement game of civilization building.
  • Sagrada – A dice drafting game about creating works of art.
  • Root – the recent Kickstarter sensation about asymmetrical warfare in the woods.

Direwolf have promised more announcements in the near future, on the above "and more", so we'll keep you update as and when we hear more.



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