Disappointment of the Year 2012: Runner-up

By Owen Faraday 03 Dec 2012 0
Build a 50-foot-high wall between you and this game. A legendary let-down.

In a year as great as this one was, it seems silly to start off the awards with a complaint. This is the only non-award award in the pipeline, so its sensible to get it out of the way first.

Simply being a bad game doesn't get you past the velvet rope into the Disappointment Club. To make the shortlist, a game has to make implicit or explicit promises - promises that we believe, on some level - and then fail to live up to them.

After the jump, the second biggest iOS gaming disappointment of 2012.

The runner-up for Disappointment of the Year 2012 is Borderlands Legends.

In great part, any disappointment we feel about Borderlands Legends is entirely our own fault. When the first clues of the game's existence tumbled out of a misplaced advert in the Borderlands 2 strategy guide, 2K's PR struggled to play catch-up. The exclusive first look at the game was provided to Entertainment Weekly - a gonzo move that should have rung our alarm bells.

But we wanted to believe in Borderlands Legends. Being published by 2K (the patrons of Civilization and XCOM) and developed by Civ Rev studio 2K China, we hoped against hope that Borderlands Legends would be a thinking man's strategy title.

The game that 2K released wasn't a strategy game - it was hardly a game, full stop. Unpolished, monotonous, and just plain dull - Borderlands Legends couldn't have been less like its raucous PC & console namesake, to say nothing of its venerable Sid Meier-designed stablemates.
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