DOTA Underlords is iterating hard and fast - but is laser focused on keeping the meta open

By Joe Robinson 04 Sep 2019 0

Earlier in the week we updated our tips guide for DOTA Underlords - one of the leading Auto Chess-like games on mobile right now. Valve are being unusually pro-active in their iteration and development of this game, and a lot has changed since it was first released.

Looking at the changes Valve have made so far can reveal some key insights as to the direction the game is going. For example, exploiting win and loss streaks are no longer viable strategies (which is one of the things we cut from the guide), and certain pieces like the Juggernaut have been nerfed a lot to prevent any one strategy dominating the meta.

dota underlords mobile meta 1

Other games like the mobile version of the original Auto Chess, and Tencent’s Chess Rush are experimenting with new and funky game-modes, but Valve seem to be focusing on the core experience and ways to make it more enjoyable on its own.

There are the eponymous Underlords themselves, of course, which are due to make their debut soon with special rules and mechanics, but other than that Underlords is focused on its primary game mode. Everything from incentivising levelling up to 3-star heroes, to changing how the game technically plays out (you now face a real person every round, instead of a ‘ghost’) has been looked at during the Beta season so far.

Jake wrote-up his full insights for our sister website Strategy Gamer, but since the game is cross-platform his thoughts are just as relevant here, so you should go check out the full article whenever you get a moment.

What would you like to see in terms of Underlords’ future development?



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