We’re definitely not getting that Duelyst mobile port

By Joe Robinson 27 Jan 2020 0

I remember when I first took over Pocket Tactics back in 2016 and was trying to understand the various niches our audience enjoyed; Duelyst came up a lot in the context of CCGs on mobile. Combining elements from both traditional card games and throwing in a tactical battlefield, at the time it seemed like a very welcome breath of fresh air, and one that mobile gamers were very keen to experience for themselves.

A mobile version of Duelyst never formally released, although there were some betas running through 2017 that got suspended. Now, those prototypes will never see the light of day because the game itself is closing up shop. Official servers and services will cease come February 27th, 2020. Duelyst is dead.

Admittedly, despite how much it was a part of the CCG conversation a few years ago, I’d actually forgotten about the game this past year. It launched in 2016, but according to Steam Charts it had dropped to under 1,000 peak concurrent players by the start of 2017, and slowly bled away its playerbase over time.

This is yet another CCG that couldn’t seem to keep up momentum, even with a unique hybrid mechanic. You can read more about what will happen to Duelyst in the last month of its life here.

Did you ever play Duelyst? What do you think could have saved it from oblivion? Let us know in the comments!



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