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By Owen Faraday 21 Dec 2012 0
beep - beep - beep A man-made star.

This took about a week longer than I originally reckoned it would, but I've handed out all the awards that I set out to at the beginning of the month. There were so many great games this year on iOS (and Android, too - albeit to a lesser extent) that choosing favourites from amongst them all was no small task. With all of the promise we've seen, I suspect it will only get harder next year.

One thing that surprised me, once everything was laid out, is the near-monopoly that independent developers have enjoyed in these awards. I didn't set out to make Pocket Tactics an indie games blog, and I don't hold any particular prejudice against the likes of EA and 2K, but the fact is that they haven't put out anything on iOS as polished as Battle of the Bulge, as creative as Outwitters, or as compelling as 10000000. I alluded to this in my review of Borderlands Legends: the big PC & console publishing houses still don't seem to take mobile platforms very seriously - much to their detriment. Our Best of 2012 list is full of reasons why they should.

After the jump, Pocket Tactics' Editor's Choice for the best game of 2012.

The 2012 Editor's Choice Game of the Year is Summoner Wars.

Let's play. The best of the best.

Having already written two tributes to Summoner Wars in as many days, I'm running out of things to say that I've not said already.

I expect Summoner Wars to be in the multiplayer rotation around here for a long time to come. In a year of great games, it was truly the very best.

To see all the games recognized in the Pocket Tactics Best of 2012 Awards, visit the awards index page.
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