Editors' Choice Game of the Year 2015 Runner Up: Her Story

By Dave Neumann 30 Dec 2015 0
Don't be sad, you just won! Don't be sad, you just won!

Looking at images of Her Story, you might think that the only reason it's getting an award is because it's doing something different. Not entirely. Yes, an interactive fiction/puzzle game told via short video clips is unique to the App Store, but if it were just a gimmick the game wouldn't be one of our favorites of 2015.

Her Story uses short video clips of a woman taken from several different police interviews. The clips revolve around the disappearance of the woman's husband. The trick is that the clips are not in chronological order. In fact, you're not even sure if they're from the same interview. You'll use keywords that you gather from the clips to search for other clips, slowly unraveling a spider's web of truths and lies. Piecing everything together makes you feel like a bit of a Poirot, using scant clues to put everything in its place.

None of this would work if the story itself weren't fantastically compelling. What makes it so good is the great performance from Viva Siefert combined with a plot that has you questioning not only what the woman knows, but who she is or might be. Even when you get to a point where you have the story pretty much figured out, searching for more of those elusive clips that you haven't seen becomes the game. I swear I'd Googled half the dictionary and was still missing a ton of clips that remain, to this day, unseen.

The best recommendation I can give to Her Story is how much I want to turn back time so I can experience it all over again. Here's hoping that Sam Barlow gets the urge to make a sequel.

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