Editors' Choice Game of the Year 2014 Runner-up: Hearthstone

By Dave Neumann 19 Dec 2014 0
Your high school cafeteria lunch table Magic game was never this attractive. Your high school cafeteria lunch table Magic game was never this attractive.

When Blizzard first announced Hearthstone back in March of 2013 my heart sank. I didn’t want another collectible card game—aka: money pit—released for iPad? Why weren’t they bringing games like Diablo or World of Warcraft to the mobile space? Then they released Hearthstone and it wasn’t just a great card game, it also became a sensation boasting 20 million users and so many gamers streaming it on Twitch that it is now the 2nd most-watched game only losing out to League of Legends.

The secret of Hearthstone’s success is its simplicity. Unlike other CCGs like Magic: The Gathering, the gap between experienced players and noobs is close enough that newcomers felt like they could hang tough with anyone. Sure, only the big dogs will get to Legend status in Ranked Play, but even someone as pathetic as me can string wins together enough to earn a new card back every month.

Hearthstone also doesn’t take itself very seriously, and has a strong sense of humor even if you’re not familiar with World of Warcraft of the Warcraft universe. It doesn’t hurt that the sound effects and presentation are all top notch with a heavy dose of Blizzard polish.

Since Hearthstone was released for iPad in April, there have been 2 major expansions released, both of which have altered the meta and rejuvenated the game. Considering that new expansions will be hitting every year, there’s no reason why people won’t still be playing Hearthstone for years to come. Add iPhone and Android devices to the mix, as they plan to over the next couple months, and that 20 million subscribers number might seem like small potatoes down the road.


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