Élan vital: Ascension expands again

By Owen Faraday 26 Jul 2012 0
Enlighten me. Enlighten me.

The chaps over at Gamehead have an exclusive look at one of the cards from Immortal Heroes, the forthcoming expansion to Pocket Tactics community favourite Ascension. For now, this expansion is strictly a dead tree affair from Ascension creators Gary Games, who will be releasing it at GenCon in August. It stands to reason that an iOS version of the expansion will be released by Playdek, as was the case with previous expansion set Storm of Souls. It took Storm of Souls about six months to make the jump from paper to pixels.

Longtime readers may recall that I wasn't completely sold on the complexity that Storm of Souls, added to the Ascension base game - but griping about more content for one of the best games on iOS is like complaining that your sundae has too much ice cream.

Pop over to Gamehead to get a full look at the card preview.
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