Elder Scrolls: Legends CCG Enters Open Beta

By Joe Robinson 05 Aug 2016 15

We're going to try and do a lot more consistent CCG coverage here on Pocket Tactics as time goes on - the rise of Hearthstone has triggered a bit of a renaissance in the digital CCG space, and the games industry is doing what it does oh-so-well and is trying to follow in the market leader's footsteps.

Bethesda's own CCG offering - The Elder Scrolls: Legends - has today released into Open Beta. The game's been in development for a while, although coverage has been appearing recently around the interwebs, but now all PC owners can try it out for themselves.

Bethesda confirmed at E3 this year that Legends will be coming to phones and the Android OS, and scuttle-butt is there may even be a beta on some of these platforms as well sometime soon, so we'll update you with more information as we get it. I've already downloaded the client, so will be taking it for a spin over the weekend.

If you can't get to a computer anytime soon, you can always watch this two-hour developer session on Legends, released towards the end of last month:



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