Electric Boogaloo: Chess 2 The Sequel Coming to iPad

By Dave Neumann 26 Jun 2014 0
Something looks different... Something looks different...

From the "I didn't think it needed a sequel" department comes Chess 2: The Sequel, which just so happens to be a sequel to, you'll never guess, Chess. While you're scratching your head, let me tell you that this chess variant was created by one David Sirlin who has designed some other prominent titles such as Yomi and Puzzle Strike. Have I piqued your interest yet?

Chess 2 gives players the choice between 6 different armies (instead of the usual boring one that's been around since 1500) that each have their own strengths and weaknesses. One might favor pawns, while another favors the pointy hat things or the horsey men. Also, checkmating your opponent's king isn't necessary to win, just get your king over the midline and it's game over.

Seriously, as much as I'm making fun here, the game does sound pretty interesting. I'm a sucker for chess variants (can someone make a digital version of Knightmare Chess please?) and this one not only sounds interesting with a proven designer behind it, but, graphically, it looks incredible. It was released for Ouya last year and is now coming soon to Steam and iOS. How soon? "Very near future" is the best we can give you.

Take a look at the Ouya release trailer after the break to get an idea of what you can expect.

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