Endgame Syria devs dig into Chainsaw Warrior for iOS & Android

By Owen Faraday 22 Jul 2013 0
Hurt me plenty. Knee-deep in the (un)dead.

Tomas Rawlings has gotten so deep into serious games with his Game The News project that I've wondered lately if he planned to return to games like Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land. Let no one doubt the nobility of using games to raise awareness of the endless war on drugs and the fractious politics of Syria, but fighting the minions of the Great Old Ones has a nobility all its own.

Rawlings seems to have read my mind: today his Auroch Digital have announced that they're the latest developers to join Games Workshop's massive push into mobile gaming with an iOS and Android of the 1987 solitaire board game Chainsaw Warrior. You play a Special Forces trooper who is sent alone into a mutant-plagued New York City with just one hour to save the world's greatest city from the other-worldly creature that seeks to destroy it. If you're imagining Snake Plissken as a proto-Space Marine, that sounds about right to me, too.

Chainsaw Warrior has been quietly in the works for some time apparently, as Rawlings & Co. are predicting a late summer release for touchscreens, with a desktop version to follow.
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