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By Joe Robinson 04 Jul 2016 39

Before taking over the helm at Pocket Tactics, the website was described to me as a “platform of discovery”, which I felt was a very wonderful thing, and very apt.

The mobile market is in a tricky place – free-to-play is rampant, submissions are high, and visibility is difficult. Games can be a hit because the right person covered them at the right time, triggering a tidal wave of interest... but more often than not, good ideas get buried. Some will struggle through, clawing with tooth, nail and claw a market share and community they can survive off, but for as many that succeed, twice that will fail.

Pocket Tactics has had a tricky couple of months. Its own standing in the App Store of Life has diminished, but something that will never change is our Mandate of Discovery. We will always try to float to you interesting projects, the things that catch our eye, and we will always strive to do our part to help these guys get the visibility they need. We hope they will catch your eye too.

Something that I stumbled across today was Eon Altar, created by Flying Helmet Games out of Vancouver, British Columbia. In their own words, Eon Altar is:

"A groundbreaking local co-op RPG for 1-4 players... [which] combines the nail-biting action and turn-based tactical combat with an epic story of friendship, destiny and betrayal." 

Eon players use their Smartphones as private screens which can feed them character information like their motivations, thoughts, even innermost secrets.

One Steam purchase allows up to four players to access the game for free via their controller App, which is available for iOS and Android. The App allows players to level up their Hero, receive secret quests, and choose lines of dialogues which you can then read aloud in your best fake accent.

You can find out more information about the game here. The first episode is available for £4.99, with the 'Season Pass' selling for £10.99.

Steam Store Page
iOS App Download
Android App Download

Check it out, see what you think. If you do give it a try, let us know how it went!



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