Eurmal approves: Write a scene for King of Dragon Pass

By Owen Faraday 20 Aug 2013 0
Eurmal approves. The clan ring was us all along.

I'm very pleased to tell you that we're going to be working with A Sharp to bring new content to life in their genre-defying classic King of Dragon Pass: our content. Knowing what a smart bunch you all are, A Sharp want to include a scene penned by a Pocket Tactics reader.

King of Dragon Pass is one of my all-time favorite titles, and I know that goes for a lot you, too. Having been in active development for a decade and a half, it's become more of an institution than a game. With the latest bug-fixing update to the iOS version in the can, David Dunham and his team are planning to add more scenes to the game with the next update. And that's where we come in.

Send me your King of Dragon Pass scene idea. KoDP director David Dunham will choose some favorites from the submissions, and then we'll put the final choice up to a vote right here on PT. The winning entry will be fully illustrated and implemented in the next KoDP update.
You get to come up with the basic situation, including art guidelines. And 3-5 responses, ideally involving some sort of test (see Skills) and consequences for success and failure. And skill, religion, and personality advice. You don’t need to worry about the scripting language, just provide the basics of the interactivity.

We need a self-contained scene. That is, no branching to scenes that need new art. Following up with news a year later is fine.

You can’t directly portray a ring member because we can’t illustrate that (see Art Constraints). And of course, the scene needs to work within the context of the game and the setting.

Once the winner is selected, we’ll commission the art, flesh out the scene as needed, and implement it. (We might also write additional scenes if it makes sense to reuse the art.)

A Sharp needs to own the scene, but we’ll credit you in the game.

Once you've got your King of Dragon Pass scene written up, send it to We'll keep taking submissions until Friday, 30 August, and we'll hold the vote the next week.

Have a look at David Dunham's post on A Sharp's site for more details, and feel free to consult the King of Dragon Pass Wiki to make sure you've got your lore right. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with.
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