EVE Online's mobile spinoff Echoes will start a closed alpha this month

By Ian Boudreau 08 Aug 2019 0

EVE: Echoes was announced late last year and it's the mobile version of CCP's gargantuan space trading MMO. Like its older, PC-based sibling, Echoes is set to be a persistent universe that players can inhabit and change, while exploring, harvesting resources to sell and trade, and fighting others who want to hijack your haul.

CCP has announced that it's holding a closed alpha test of Echoes, which will run August 26 - September 20. While anyone can sign up for a chance at being invited into the alpha test, word on the street is that this initial test will be limited to select regions: Australia, New Zealand, and the Nordic countries are the only folks who get to go hands on this time around.

CCP is developing EVE: Echoes in partnership with Chinese games giant NetEase, who you may recall are Blizzard's partners on the upcoming Diablo: Immortal. CCP announced their partnership with NetEase Games about a year ago, and the companies have worked together on building EVE Online China, which NetEase is operating.

To sign up for the alpha test, head to the official EVE: Echoes site and fill in some information about where you live and the device you're using. They'll also ask a little about your familiarity with the EVE franchise.

EVE is a lot of things, so it'll be interesting to see which aspects of the game wind up taking prominence in the mobile adaptation, or whether Echoes winds up interfacing at all with the existing EVE Online universe. Phone battery life being what it is, I'm not sure the platform lends itself to traditional models of interstellar space exploration, so it's a fair bet that this experience will be distinct from EVE Online in some key ways.



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