Exodus: Proxima Centauri Digital Edition Incoming [Updated]

By Joe Robinson 14 Aug 2018 0

Update: We've just heard from Offworld Games via twitter. The iOS version is still on track for a December release. The Android version will be after that (so likely 2019), but it's contingent on the performance of the iOS version:

Original Story

Great news for mobile gamers; the digital adaptation of 4X sci-fi board game Exodus: Proxmia Centauri has resurfaced again! It’s being handled by Offworld Games, and the Steam version will be releasing on Friday (August 17th).

The last time any concrete information was shared was back in June, when Dave Neumann reported on BGG that the steam version was due out on August 10th, with an iOS release expected in December.

The Steam release has obviously slipped by a week, but there’s been nothing new on the iOS or Android versions. TouchArcade have reported that a mobile version is due out later this year, and the devs official website still lists the game coming to iOS and Android.

Exodus: Proxima Centauri pits six factions against each other in a bid for dominance as they try to build up new empires in the Centauri system after Earth is destroyed. It’s classic 4X/Civ gameplay, and the physical version doesn’t pull any punches – we don’t expect the digital version will either.

We’ve reached out to Offworld for comment on the mobile releases. You may remember them from their work on the digital port of Reiner Knizia’s The Confrontation, which Kelsey liked but felt lacked a competent AI at the time. They’ve also done strategy games Finest Hour and Legion of the Damned.



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