Farewell Faeria, we hardly knew ye: CCG/Board game hybrid cancels mobile version

By Joe Robinson 11 Apr 2018 3

We didn’t spot this before, but it seems Abrakam – developers of board game/CCG hybrid Faeria, is cancelling its mobile versions.

In an update that went out on March 30th, the cancellation was mentioned as part of a broader blog post outlining the companies plans for the rest of 2018. It laid out that support for both the iOS and Android versions of the game would be removed within the next few months:

We understand this will be disappointing to some of you. Through our testing observations, gathered data, and extensive internal analysis we have determined that as it is, Faeria is not up to par for the modern mobile experience we want it to be without major overhauls to its iOS and Android versions.

This is a shame, although the mobile versions of the game have always been fairly week compared to the PC version, so the company’s decision to focus on PC is probably wise. For what its worth, Nick really enjoyed the game when he reviewed the iOS version for us back in March last year.


We even commissioned a short three-part  series of guides for getting to grips with the game’s basic strategies if anyone is interested in giving them a read.

As for Faeria itself, it’s transitioning towards what the company is calling ‘Buy-to-Play’. It seems to be DLC-based model, removing the ‘free-to-play’ elements (which we imagine will include the currencies?) and it sounds like it will fundamentally change the way cards are acquired. This is not the first time the game has changed business model. Originally, you needed to buy the entire core set as part of the early access, then they went Free-to-Play, and now they seem to be going back to a premium model.

The next big expansion for the game will drop at the same time as the Buy-to-Play switch, and then new content will be dropping monthly.

From us here at Pocket Tactics at least, it’s time to say goodbye to Faeria. Maybe Mr. Thrower can console us with one of this regular Hearthstone Hot Takes…



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