Faeria mixes CCG and board game mechanisms and it's coming to mobile

By Dave Neumann 08 Mar 2016 0
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There are a lot of great reasons to be happy that the Writers' Dungeon at Mt. Hexmap is no longer a sad, lonely place but is now filled with smart, yet still shackled, writers. The most obvious is that there are now more brown bag lunches to steal in the company refrigerator. The second best thing, however, is how everyone manages to stay on top of things that I didn't even know existed. Today's gold star winner is Alex, who pointed me toward a new CCG that was released onto Steam Early Access last week, Faeria. After doing a bit of digging, he also uncovered that not only is Faeria coming to PC/Mac, but iOS and Android as well.

Faeria is pretty much Hearthstone, but with tactics thrown in. Yes, you'll have cards with a casting cost and strength/defense values, but you can't just play them wherever you like. As part of each turn, players can place up to two hexes on the map that begins the game completely empty. Part of the strategy involves building up the board in a way that hampers your opponent's options--they cannot summon creatures on tiles that you built and, from what I can tell, different terrain types will allow you to affect the map in different ways. Also, scattered around the board are resources that are claimed by those with creatures standing next to them each turn. Earning more mana (called faeria in Faeria...go figure) is essential as, unlike Hearthstone, you're only given a fixed amount of three each turn. Also unlike other CCGs, your mana carries over from turn to turn, allowing you to save up and play some monster creatures.

I've only just started delving into everything that Faeria has to offer, but I'm already hooked and my "research time" that was supposed to take 15 minutes ended up with me playing for over an hour.

Of course, the biggest issue with online CCGs is the pricing. I haven't delved into buying new packs, but the devs assure that cards can be earned through grinding (fair grinding, no less) or can be purchased. They specifically call out Hearthstone in this regard, stating that you will earn twice as many cards for the same price of a Hearthstone booster. Also, they are offering the ability to buy complete sets for a fixed price. For example, the starter set is 256 cards, and you can just buy every card for $50 total.

The game will also feature an integrated Tournament mode, something that Hearthstone players have been wanting since the game launched in 2014.

Faeria is available in Early Access form right now on Steam for PC/Mac. It will be coming to iOS and Android fairly soon, however. Check out the trailer after the break.

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