Faeria’s Free-to-Play Update Launches August 24th

By Joe Robinson 10 Aug 2016 4

Dave brought you word about Faeria when it launched into Early Access back in March – a CCG that looks to mix the fast-paced combos of Hearthstone, with the tactics and depth of something like Magic: The Gathering.

It’s been plugging away in Early Access ever since behind a pay gate, however it was always intended to go Free-to-Play. Today we received word that the day of F2Pkening approaches– August 24th!

Not only will Faeria go free-to-play on this date, but it will also update to version 0.8 which is set to expand the single-player content of the game to include new AI opponents, and up to 20 hours of content.

In addition to that, the developers have also said that a closed alpha test of the tablet version will start for iOS sometime in September.

Curious? Well you don’t need to wait till the end of the month to try it out for yourself. For the next 24 hours, you can download the game for free on Steam, and keep it forever. [This promotions is now over.]


Before becoming Editor-in-Chief at Wargamer Ltd. I worked at Swipe Right PR who currently represent the creators of Faeria. I was involved with this account prior to my departure. The current staff structure means that I will have to post news on Faeria as the need arises, however I will not be posting features, reviews, previews or be making any kind of recommendation on this title, either here or in the community forums. All such content will be handled by freelancers or one of our regulars. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.



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