Fantasy Flight’s Keith Hurley Talks Digital Board Gaming

By Joe Robinson 30 Aug 2016 5

Between adaptations and companion apps, the digital side of board gaming is growing every year. Fantasy Flight Games – the creators of the X-Wing Miniatures wargame, Descent, card games and whole host of other products have dabbled a lot in this space.

XCOM: The Board Game, for example, was one of their first releases that was driven primarily via a companion app and not a rulebook. They’ve also got digital adaptations of Battlelore: Command (which Dave gave 5/5) and Elder Sign, and they have a wide range of other official companion apps too.

Recently they posted an interview with their VP of Media and Interactive, Keith Hurley, which you can read here.

It’s an internal interview so don’t expect any hard-hitting questions, but it provides some small insight into how they view their digital business, and how they approach certain apps. For example, they seem to have designed some games with digital versions in mind:

A game like Mansions of Madness, on the other hand, had no interpretation work because everything was designed with an app in mind from day one.

Do you use any FFG apps or digital adaptations? How do you find them compared to ports done by dedicated game studios? What do you want to see in terms of companion app (board)gaming? Let us know in the comments!



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