Run your own global football tournament with FIFA World Cup

By Ian Boudreau 04 Jul 2018 1

There’s hardly a more tactical situation than the pitch during the “beautiful game,” and with the World Cup’s first knockout round on the books, we’re gearing up for some intense matches in Russia heading into the finals. FIFA Mobile has a World Cup expansion out now though, if you prefer to take some direct control over the on-screen action.

Yes, it’s a free-to-play app that’s stuffed with EA’s usual microtransactions, but it’s hard to argue that the mobile incarnation of FIFA isn’t fun. And let’s face it, it’s drop-dead gorgeous to boot. There’s just something extremely satisfying about a perfectly-swiped scoring kick, isn’t there?

This is FIFA Mobile, so you get a good amount of command over your team’s lineup and player training. There’s a surprising amount of depth in the strategy layer, and it’s not hard to get into even for casual soccer – sorry, I mean, football fans. You will need a fully-qualified team that's 65+ OVR to participate in the World Cup, however.

Find it on the iOS App Store or Google Play. The World Cup mode will be available until August 



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