First screenshot for Isle of Skye emerges, due out Q2 2018

By Joe Robinson 26 Feb 2018 1

Last year DIGIDICED announced that they’d be bringing the strategic tile-placement game, Isle of Skye to digital devices sometime in Q1 this year.


As a quick re-cap, this is a Carcassonne style tile-placement game for 2-5 players, with added twists of tile bidding between players (instead of just drawing from a pile), and only 4 out 16 possible scoring objectives are used each game, adding a lot of replayability and different strategies.

Today brings two updates to the project: a first-look screenshot of the interface (header image), and a potential delay to later in the year.


We’re unsure of the specifics; all we have is that in October last year sites like Stately Play were reporting a Q1 2018 release date, and today we’ve got an email claiming a Q2 2018 release date (with further confirmation from the firm’s PR rep).

Nothing to cause a fuss about, but for those of you thinking this game’s release were imminent you’ve got up to another 3 months or so to wait.

Whenever it releases, Isle of Skye is due out on Steam, iOS and Android.



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