New Football Manager Entry Releases this November

By Joe Robinson 06 Aug 2018 0

Football fans, rejoice! The next iteration of Sports Interactive’s Football Manager series has been announced. Football Manager 2019 will be launching on PC, MacOS Android and iOS on November 2nd.

As with Football Manager 2018, the mobile version of Football Manager 2019 will come in two flavours:

  • Football Manager Touch 2019 will be a direct port of the PC game, and only works on tablets. It costs more (FM Touch 18 goes for $19.99 at full price), and has higher spec requirements, but is essentially the PC game on your tablet.
  • Football Manager Mobile 2019 will be a slim lined/adapted version of the full game for mobile. It’ll be iOS Universal and work on phones generally, have lower spec requirements and will be priced in-line with other premium mobile experiences. FM Mobile 18 is $8.99 at full price.

There’re quite a few changes coming in FM 2019 – for the first time there will be licensed German DFL teams, for one thing, and they’ll be talking about more concrete game changes towards the end of September.

We have yet to get around to actually reviewing 2018’s FM Mobile and FM Touch releases, so we’ll try and plug those gaps as soon as possible.



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