Fortnite Android to hit this summer following a wave of improvements to mobile

By Joe Robinson 21 May 2018 0

Epic games recently pushed out a blog post looking at the Fortnite mobile experience, and what improvements they’ve made (or are about to make). The most recent addition is the ability to customize the HUD in both Combat and Build modes.

Still a bit confused as to what Fortnite Battle Royale is? This might help.

Build mode3

Buried within that was a nod to the Android version, which they’ve stated will be coming “this summer”. That’s not as helpful as it sounds, but at least it’s something, I guess.

Other things that Epic are planning to try and bring to the mobile version:

  • Stat tracking: at the moment there isn’t any on mobile, and Epic will need to improve their stats servers to facilitate handling mobile users.
  • Installation size: Epic are working on compressing down the size of both the initial Fortnite installation and the patches themselves.

Fortnite is still dominating headlines, both in its general performance across PC and Mobile, but also at how well the mobile version specially is doing. You can always try it out for yourself, if you’re interested, just make sure you read our handy guide to get started.



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