Fortnite Mobile Version 5.20 Patch Notes

By Joe Robinson 07 Aug 2018 0

Epic have released Patch 5.20 for Battle Royale sensation Fortnite. As we’re well into Season 5, this isn’t a game-changing update although the double-barrelled shotgun is now a thing. Reading through the patch-notes, there’s a mobile-specific section that’ll be relevant to you guys:

  • Customizable fire mode selection screen added to mix and match fire modes.
  • Added FPS (frames per second) mode setting for mobile devices.
  • Added another individual quickbar button to the HUD layout tool.
  • Added mobile Elimination Feed.
  • Separated Quickbar buttons are more visible in the HUD Layout tool.
  • Harvest tool will now alternate between itself and the previously selected item when tapped.

Bug Fixes

  • Completed or expired Challenges are now cleared while navigating between Challenges.
  • Ramps will no longer be built through other ramps.
  • Shooting when interacting with objects no longer occurs.
  • Fixed inconsistency with mobile low power mode support.

As Collin has pointed out in our building guide, building is less prevalent in the iOS meta because of the fiddly controls. Fixing the ramp issues will mean you may have to pay more attention to what you’re doing if you’re trying to throw down some elevation in a hurry.

Also, did you hear? Fortnite’s Android version is by-passing the Google Play store. Whenever it releases, you’ll need to download the game’s APK directly from Epic Games’ website, and then do an ‘unknown source’ install. It’s not as scary as it sounds; on my Galaxy S6 it takes you straight to the relevant security setting when you’re trying to install something outside of the Google Play store. It also gives you the option to only grant an exception for that specific install, leaving you secure against anything you might accidentally download that will try and install itself.

We’re going to put together a proper guide for Android users, including installation instructions, so that you guys can get up-to-speed with the iOS crowd as quickly as possible.



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