The Coolest Fortnite Wallpapers for your phone

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We know you’re all secretly playing Fortnite on your iPhones or Tablets right now. The Battle Royale sensation earns hundreds of millions in dollars nearly every month and the playerbase has grown to 125 million. It's certainly not me who's been spending all that money. God knows what will happen when it finally comes to Android.

What better way to show your clear & undeniable appreciation for this masterpiece by displaying your affection via a snazzy, on-message wallpaper for your phone. Your first port of call could always be this iOS app we found cunningly titled Fortnite WallpapersIt's iOS Universal, it's free, and it also has a collection of phone (and tablet) art that you can use show your allegiance. Thank you Matthew Nelson for trying to make us redundant.

If you're happy to let us help you though, using top-secret investigative techniques (Google), we’ve scoured the internet to find some of the best examples of Fortnite wallpaper.

Fortllama< I'M A LLAMA

Did you ever see The Emperor's New Groove? Man that was a great film. Some good, clean Disney humour there, and all about a guy who gets turned into a Llama. Speaking of llamas, we managed to find a rather artisitc version of the Fortnite llama, in wallpaper form. Don't say we never do anything nice for you.

FortChromeNerves of Steel >

We like this one because A/ Chrome and B/ it's actually a really good character render. There's a lot of detail, some really bold colours (animated red hair looks pretty great). Also, there's a lot of sass in that smile of hers. It's almost like she's saying "Aww yeah, it's on," before she shoots lasers out of her eyes and melts your face.

4k fortnite ej 1080x1920 576x1024


< Rust Lord
Source: iphonehacks 

One thing that contributes to Fortnite's appeal is the customisation factor. Whether you win it in-game or pay real money, you can find a character skin that best suits your personality or identity and equip it. It's a very pure form of digital expression that often gets over-looked, and an often misunderstood part of what drives free-to-play business models.

This is wallpaper features a skin that released as part of the third season of Battle Pass. It's called 'Rust Lord' and is a purple rarity skin.

fortnite 414x736 wallpaper thanos

CrossOver >

Source: Progameguides

The cross-over event with Avengers: Infinity War may be over, but that doesn't mean you can't forever remember that one time Thanos was in Fortnite. 

He couldn't build or carry weapons (except when he could), but he was strong and surprisingly fun to play as. Was this the best cross-over event of all time? Probably. 



< Plain & Simple
Source:  Pinterest

As well as featuring a great shade of purple, this wallpaper is great because it is what is – someone with this clearly likes Fortnite, and they’re not afraid to tell the world about it.  

fortnite winter season nz 1280x2120Festive Fun >
Source: HDQWalls

Christmas is long behind us, but should this Fortnite business last until the 2018 holiday season what better way to get into the festive spirit with a festively themed background. There’s a Christmas tree in the background and everything.

Fun fact, the original image shows the Fortnite crew facing off against zombies.

2018 fortnite 5k mi 1280x2120< Angelic
Source: HDQWalls / Dodonozore34

If you’ve ever won a game of Fortnite, you’ll know it’s a transcendent moment. Not only did you managed to survive, you managed to beat everyone else whilst doing it. Winning is like ascending to a higher plain of existence which, unlike Redbull, is a process which legitimately does give you wings. Here’s a Frotnite wallpaper that has one of the character skins with wings.

dont messDon’t Mess with Me >
Source: Pinterest

Alternatively, you might just want to show everyone that you mean business. This wallpaper features another one of the character skins available in the game. You can tell by the fact that his arms are crossed that he’s not going to take any nonsense from anybody. Also, the black background and colour scheme makes everything a lot more dramatic than it needs to be.

birds eye< Birds-Eye View
Source: Alphacoders

Perhaps you’d like something a bit subtler and understated. There’s nothing like a bit of scenery to draw people’s attention and spark conversation. This 3D snapshot/recreation of the Battle Royale map throws up some iconic locales, as well as the looming storm in the background. You may not be loud-and-proud with this one, but anyone who knows what they’re looking like will be secretly sending you their respect.

FortnitelastThe Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands >
Source: Epic Games Forum

To finish off the list, this is the only wallpaper on the list we can actually attribute to an actual author.

Epic forum user Whitesushi was apparently bored one day, so decided to make a phone wallpaper themed on Fortnite’s PVE mode. It's definitely the best quality out of the list, although perhaps not as memorable (or as on point).

Have you found any neat phone wallpapers that use for Fortnite? Or any game, really – why not share them with us in the comments!



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