Four Lock N' Load titles in the works at Playdek

By Owen Faraday 17 Jul 2012 0
I hate Illinois Nazis. I hate Illinois Nazis.

The way things are going, Playdek are positioning themselves to be the kings of the boardgame-to-iOS conversion realm. Mark Walker, director of wargame publishing house Lock N' Load told me yesterday that there's nothing less than four games from his label in various stages of development with the studio that has already brought us Ascension, Nightfall, and Summoner Wars.

Lock N' Load put out a wide variety of dead-tree games, but they specialize in "what-if" scenarios ranging from Cold War-gone-hot wargame Heroes of the Gap to undead pandemic scenario Zombie War. Their most recent release is the completely nuts Nuklear Winter '68, where 25 years after a nuclear strike on Germany ended the Second World War, the Wehrmacht has emerged from their underground bunkers to fight for the irradiated remains of Europe against the reconstituted Allies and the mutants the A-bomb spawned. Why can't I buy that on iPad right now?

Which of Lock N' Load's properties are coming to iOS, Mark wouldn't tell me. But given the rate at which Playdek has been producing titles over the last year, I'd wager we can expect to hear more soon.



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