Nomad Games announces Fury of Dracula digital port

By Joe Robinson 08 Jan 2020 0

Nomad Games is a studio to keep an eye on this year, we feel. Having recently extracted themselves from their close partnership with Asmodee Digital, the world is seems is once again theirs for the taking and they're already putting into action their master plan:

Step One: Get a new Games Workshop license
Step Two: ???
Step Three: Profit

Nomad Games are perhaps best known for their digital port of Talisman, one of Games Workshop’s cult classic board games (before the miniatures firm doubled-down on all things Space Marines). Seems the studio has managed to bag themselves another ‘old school’ license, as Nomad has today announced they are making a digital version of Fury of Dracula.

Originally published by the Warhammer giant in 1987, this is a Hidden Movement game about a group of vampire hunters who need to uncover clues in order to stop Dracula (who is played) before he creates an unstoppable army of mindless thralls! Nomad plan on adapting the fourth edition of the game, which was released in 2019.

We don’t know much more about the project at this point. Nomad aren't ready to commit specific platforms yet and in what order they’ll be developed, but we did get a “more than likely” comment on the game coming to mobile platforms. Whether it’ll be first, same time as PC/Console or later down the line we don’t know yet.

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