GalaCollider enters alpha, opens up for the weekend

18 Mar 2016 0

We met developer NeoCrux at Gen Con last year where he was pitching his upcoming game, GalaCollider, as a 4X and CCG mashup. Unsurprisingly, we bit and watched as he walked us though pre-alpha gameplay that was more than impressive. Back in September they ran an unsuccessful Kickstarter for the game, but development continues and this weekend they're opening up the alpha and letting anyone and everyone give it a try.

GalaCollider is set a tad in the future--4 billion years from now--when the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies are starting to collide. Your goal is typical of the 4X genre: build your empire. That said, this uses a CCG-like mechanism in which you'll use cardplay and deckbuilding to drive your civilization forward. Notice I said CCG-like. This won't be your standard CCG with random booster packs. Instead NeoCrux is opting for Fantasy Flight's LCG model in which expansion packs will be released, but the entire set can be purchased for one price. The randomness has been removed.

The game will offer solo play as well as online multiplayer matches. Multiplayer matches can be set to play in one sitting or over the course of several days, with turns being played simultaneously and then playing out in real time.

Starting today, NeoCrux is offering the chance to try out GalaCollider on PC/Mac/Linux. You can sign up and download the client here. While the alpha is only for desktops at this point, the game will be coming to tablets, both iOS and Android, down the road as well.



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