Galactic Keep update reminds us that the future is still coming

By Owen Faraday 21 Feb 2014 1
A galaxy far, far away. A galaxy far, far away.

There was stirring today in the fell fortress in the ruins of Nova Jersey where Gilded Skull Games have been labouring over Galactic Keep. A new development update on the game's website details advancements made in enemy AI and the game's map system. It was eons ago that we declared the pen-and-paper RPG-inspired iOS game on of our most keenly-awaited games of 2012, and we're still a-waiting.

I'm perfectly content to wait, myself. I love the setting: a far-flung galaxy where a band of displaced humans are leading a multi-species rebellion against their alien captors. I love the graphics, which look like they might have popped out of a garage-printed 'zine. I love the tabletop RPG-style dice battles. I don't see any other games on the horizon like it, so Galactic Keep might as well take its time.

Gilded Skull have done for-hire app development jobs before, including a SpongeBob game for Nickelodeon. I asked producer Rob Lemon if Galactic Keep's protracted development was due to contract work competing for time.

"For now it's 'all Galactic Keep, all the time'", he told me. "It's a big idea. We are still using a game design doc that was written when the project re-started. We're fine working on it, at our own pace, until our vision has been made a reality."

That said, the impatient among us might just have a chance to get early access to Galactic Keep somehow. "We'd also like to get it out there, into people's hands already," says Lemon. "We're thinking of ways to get it out sooner... maybe an Alpha/Beta program. We're speaking to some people who might partner with us on that."

If you want to make your own mark on the Galactic Keep universe, Gilded Skull are running a promotion on the forums of an obscure games website called Touch Our-Cade where you can design an alien creature that will appear in-game.

You can follow Galactic Keep's progress on Twitter. You won't be overloaded with tweets, trust me. There's a relatively recent trailer after the jump.

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