Updated: Galaxy of Trian Multiplayer Broken, Currently Free on App Store

By Joe Robinson 19 Jul 2016 10

Editor's Note: This story has been updated to reflect new information that came to light after posting. The original copy has not been kept due to inaccuracies.

Grey Wizard Innovative's mobile adaptation of tabletop board game Galaxy of Trian is currently free on iOS, despite only releasing on June 30th.

This discount appears to be related to Kickstarter backer pledge fulfilment, as indicated by a new post on the game's Kickstarter page. As the developers are unable to send everyone a free promo key all at once due to restrictions, they've decided to make the game completely free for today only.

While the discount isn't technically mean't for non-backers, there's nothing stopping you jumping on this promotion if you so wish. 

It's also worth noting that multiplayer for this game is currently offline. At the time of writing, the app store page is displaying this warning:

*** Attention! Due to technical issues with our servers multiplayer features are temporary not working. We are on it and we hope to fix our servers soon***

If you're not up to snuff on what Trian is, here's a summary from the app store:

Build a beautiful galaxy filled with planetary systems, nebula clouds, and ancient technology. Claim territories and defend them against your enemies. Build infrastructure and collect minerals. Score as much as possible and leave your opponents in the dust cloud!

Thanks to Pocket Gamer for the heads up.



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