Go get Sword & Glory immediately

By Owen Faraday 04 Jun 2013 0
Cuts like a knife. A little bit King of Dragon Pass, a little bit Bushido Blade.

Here's a game that came out last October and apparently sank without a trace. Sword & Glory (the blandly generic name can't have helped) is an iOS & Android game that reminds me of Way of the Samurai. In Sword & Glory you're a Norseman in early medieval Scandinavia -- whether you're a Christian, a pagan, or a decidedly ahead-of-his-time freethinker is up to you. You get one life to explore your village and its environs, taking on quests and building up your fame -- but as soon as you fall in a duel, it's over. Just like in real life, you can't take your money with you, but subsequent characters can take advantage of the glory you've earned in previous lives.

The graphics have a thick-lined Frank Miller style about them, but they're running in a 3D engine -- it's all a bit hard to describe. Screenshots do not do this game justice at all. You should go watch the trailer after the jump, or better yet, just go download Sword & Glory because it's free on the App Store, and it's even on Android too. This is my favourite discovery since Shifts.

Also, note to indie game devs: buy advertising. Do PR. It's criminal that a game like this should just vanish.

Hat-tip to the Something Awful forum goons who unearthed this gem.
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