King of Dragon Pass (and 27 other games you don’t care about) have been added to Google Play Pass

By Joe Robinson 26 Nov 2019 0

Yeah, I completely forgot Google Play Pass was a thing until I was scrolling through my news feed to see if anything interesting had happened over lunch. Thanks to Android Police for the tip on this one, but it seems Google’s answer to Apple Arcade has just added a bunch of new games to its (already pretty huge) library.

To recap, Google Play Pass launched in September just after Apple Arcade went live. It also costs $5 a month and the launch library boasted 350 apps and games - not all of which are necessarily exclusive to the Pass (unlike Apple Arcade games, which are only available via Apple Arcade). It’s also only available in the US currently.

The service hasn’t really gotten much attention since then, and the general consensus is while there are some pretty decent games on there (Stardew Valley, KOTOR etc…), by now you probably already own them anyway.

The most notable of the new releases is A Sharp’s King of Dragon Pass, the excellent Narrative/Strategy game that stands as one of the best mobile games of all time. The other 27 seem kind of forgettable to be honest(and are mainly Puzzles), but here’s the full list:

  • Cytus II
  • Sally's Law
  • Traffix
  • Gem Miner 2
  • HEX
  • Pics 2 Words
  • Tempest: Pirate Action
  • My Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • Pinball Flipper Classic 11in1
  • Number Mazes: Rikudo Puzzles
  • Cut the Rope
  • Cut the Rope 2
  • Cut the Rope: Time Travel
  • Infinity Loop
  • Little Panda Fireman
  • Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles
  • Power Girls Super City - Superhero Salon & Pets
  • Little Panda's Jewel Adventure
  • Decipher: The Brain Game
  • What's inside the box?
  • StoryToys Rapunzel
  • Kids Animals Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Dumb Ways to Die 2
  • Jurassic World - Dinosaurs
  • Animal Puzzles for Kids
  • King of Dragon Pass: Text Adventure RPG
  • Drive Simulator

It’s also worth noting that alongside the above 9 new utility apps have also been added, including the ad-free version of Podcast Republic.

Have you given the Google Play Pass a go yet? Do any of these new games excite you? Let us know in the comments!



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