Google Play Pass launches this week in the wake of Apple Arcade

By Joe Robinson 24 Sep 2019 0

It’s been no secret that Google has been working on their own subscription service, for all the attention Apple Arcade has been getting. I don’t think anyone was expecting it to launch quite so quickly after Apple’s own service but here we are - say hello to Google Play Pass.

It’s going to be landing in the US this week, and will have 350 games and apps available to use. The base price is $4.99 but for a limited time you can get a 10-day free trial plus your first 12 months for $1.99 a month, which is a pretty decent launch offer. You have until October 10th to take advantage of it.

We don’t have a complete list of games that’ll be available yet, although more will get added every month apparently. Not everything will be brand-new or ‘bespoke’ for GPP - a lot of games will have been out for a while. You may even own some already as the trailer shows games like Stardew Valley, Reigns: Games of Thrones and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

The main selling point of the Play Pass is that games featured via this platform won’t have any ads or IAPS. Existing games that have these and go on Play Pass will simply have them removed or disabled.

That’s all we know right now - we’ll let you know more (including any news regarding International roll-out) as soon as we can.



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