Grounded: BDC is off Wings of Glory

By Owen Faraday 02 May 2013 0
No glory in defeat. Wings clipped. (Image by Shaun Mather)

Big Daddy's Creations is no longer working on WWI tabletop game Wings of Glory, I've been told. The iPad conversion of the aerial dogfighting miniatures game was announced as one of the Eclipse and Neuroshima Hex devs' next projects almost exactly a year ago but nary a peep had been heard since.

In an email conversation this morning, BDC's Łukasz Łazarecki passed the buck over to Ares Games, the rightsholder and publisher of the Wings of Glory's tabletop version. "All I can say is they're probably giving it to somebody else," Łazarecki said. I reached out to Ares first thing today and still haven't received a reply.

Why would you take developers as accomplished as BDC off of your game? I don't know anything about the internal politics of the matter but whoever Ares is tasking with the project has got some big shoes to fill.

UPDATE: Łukasz drops by the comments with a clarification.
Owen, just to clarify, it was a mutual decision, it's not like we've been dropped. Up side is, we get more time to work on NSHex and Eclipse expansions.

Hat-tip to Bane Williams.
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